Come to Santa Maria di Leuca, your Sea holidays in Salento in Santa Maria di Leuca in Apulia between tradition and nature - Oggi: 16/04/2021

Santa Maria di Leuca

Santa Maria di Leuca Apulia... Gate of Heaven of Holidays


Beautiful and Light, Leuca has always fascinated people for its light and its position in the inlet between “Punta Meliso” and “Punta Ristola”. The Greek sailors, attracted for its beautySanta Maria di Leuca, gave it the name Leukos, lit by the Sun; the siren Leucasia, according to the legend, found peace on its reef; also St. Pietro disembarked in Leuca during his journey to Rome; He christianized the existing pagan temple devoted to the Goddess Minerva and he devoted it to the Virgin Mary; Leuca so became Santa Maria di Leuca and for the Christians it is the door to Heaven; De Finibus Terrae for the Romans, border beyond which there is only the infinity of the horizon; Santa Maria di Leuca during its millenary history has preserved and enriched its charm and its mystery. The elegant promenade with its trend nightclubs and its beautiful villas built between 1800 and the first years of 1900, transform Leuca in one of the most popular tourist place. The port, landing stage of big fishing boats and holiday yachtsmen, the lighthouse which overlooks Punta Meliso, the monumental staircase which leads to the Sanctuary, the bathtubs, the sixteenth-century tower of the “Omo Morto”, the intense blue of the sea, its many coloured seabed, its caves and bays of sand, make Leuca a beautiful holiday destination.


Patrocinato dal COmune di Castrignano del Capo e dal COmune di Gagliano del Capo